O2: Oral health of children with special healthcare needs in project countries

I. Publications:

  1. Dental management of the child dental patient with cerebral palsy

Article on dental management of children with cerebral palsy. Review of literature and case report. available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxiv/no-3-4-2021/dental-management-of-the-child-dental-patient-with-cerebral-palsy/

  1. Disability, Oral Health and Quality of Life

Article presenting the ways disability impacts oral health, everyday living and quality of life. Ways to improve the quality of life of these kids are sought, practical suggestions are given. Available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxiii/no-1-2020/disability-oral-health-and-quality-of-life/

  1. Ecological Study on the Oral Health of Romanian Intellectually Challenged Athlet…

O2. Research on the oral health status of intellectually challenged athletes from various regions of Romania; comparison with peers from other countries. Potential causes for the actual situation are explored and analyzed and ways to improve are suggested. Open-access journal: https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare10010140

  1. Assessment of oral health and habits in a group of school children with intellectual disabilities

O2. Research article on the oral health status of children with intellectual disabilities attending a special school in Bucharest, Romania; comparison with peers from other countries. available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxiii/no-3-4-2020/assessment-of-oral-health-and-habits-in-a-group-of-school-children-with-intellectual-disabilities/


O2. Research on the oral health of Special Olympics (SO) athletes in the 4 countries involved in the project, aiming to get a comparative picture of the situation. The research concludes that SO athletes from the four analysed countries still have a lot of unmet dental treatment needs and few sealed permanent teeth. Romanian SO athletes have poorer oral health status as compared to peers from Italy, France, and Turkey. An upgrade of the standard Special Smiles screening protocol could enable more reliable comparisons between SO athletes from various countries. Targeted preventive programs and educational projects for patients, families and dentists are needed in order to improve oral health of people with intellectual disabilities. available: https://www.rjor.ro/comprehensive-study-regarding-the-oral-health-of-special-olympics-athletes-in-the-erasmus-o-s-c-a-r-project-countries-france-italy-romania-turkey/

  1. Oral health of mentally challenged Romanian athletes, still a challenge in 2018

O2. Research article on the oral health of Romanian Special Olympics athletes in 2018, based upon clinical data gathered by project team prior to project start. Study results, published in November 2019, were used as a start point and motivation for the OSCAR project. available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxii/title-oral-health-of-mentally-challenged-romanian-athletes-still-a-challenge-in-2018/

  1. Oral health status and oral habits in a sample of mentally disabled children.

O2. Research presented in the 15th EAPD Congress in Hamburg, Germany, July 3-4, 2020 available: https://doi.org/10.1007/s40368-020-00581-3

  1. Oral care for children with special healthcare needs in healthcare systems in Erasmus+ Oral Special Care Academic Resources (O.S.C.A.R.) project countries

O2. Research article on how oral health services are organized and provided in public healthcare systems in project countries. Healthcare systems are organized and financed in different ways in various countries, and efficiency in providing targeted prevention and oral care may vary a lot from one country to another. Successful healthcare models of countries that efficiently meet the need of their population with general pathologies need to be carefully analysed, adapted and implemented in countries where current management policies had proven to be less successful. Awareness of both healthcare providers and general population and consistent support from authorities is needed. Article published in the Romanian Journal of Dental Medicine No. 1-2/ 2022, available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxv/no-1-2022/title-oral-care-for-children

  1. Childhood Asthma: Part I. General aspects and Oral Features

O1+O2. Literature review on oral features in children with asthma and ways this condition influences oral health. available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxiii/no-1-2020/childhood-asthma-part-i-general-aspects-and-oral-features/

  1. Childhood Asthma: Part II Children with Asthma and Oral Health

O1+O2. Research paper on the ways childhood asthma impacts oral health and dental treatment of kids suffering from this condition. Available: https://rjd.ro/volume-xxiii/no-2-2020/childhood-asthma-part-ii-children-with-asthma-and-oral-health/

  1. Management of large inflammatory dentigerous cysts adapted to the general condition of the patient

O1+O2 Research article on the ways the patient’s general condition (e.g. autism) may influence therapeutic decisions and clinical evolution. available: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 2021; 22 (1): 750. https://doi.org/10.3892/etm.2021.10182


II. Conferences / oral presentations

  1. Probiotikler ve Ağız Diş Sağlığı – Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Müesser Ahu Durhan

O2. YouTube-disseminated presentation on Probiotics and Oral Health, bringing forward the OSCAR Project. Language: Turkish available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gzGt8-wKQI

  1. Oral diseases in various populational groups

O1+O2. 2 conferences presented in the 7th Congress of Carol Davila University, 12 October 2019, Bucharest Session: ORAL DISEASES IN VARIOUS POPULATION GROUPS O1. Marie-Cécile Manière: Genetic disorders and eruption problems O2. Arina Vinereanu: Oral health of intellecctually disabled Romanian athletes: a permanent challenge CHAIRPERSONS: Maria Greabu, Paula Perlea Language: English

  1. General Anaesthesia – from everybody’s comfort to actual need

O1+O2. Conference given during the 27 th International Congress of Turkish Society of Paediatric Dentistry, pointing out the need to avoid dental general anaesthesia in children, especially recurrently, and showing practical ways to do so. Author: Arina Vinereanu Date: 7-10 October 2021, Northern Cyprus Language: English

  1. “Particularities of dental treatment of patients with special healthcare needs”

O1+O2. Online presentation given by Dr. Aneta Munteanu. The presentation was a product of the UMFCD team members, advertised the project platform and acknowledged the OSCAR project. Dent-X Congress 2021 (12 -18 April 2021) was a hybrid event dedicated to dental students organized between by the Bucharest Dental Student’s Association.

  1. Factors influencing oral health of intellectually challenged Romanian athletes

O2. Oral presentation, UNAS Congress 2021 Authors: Arina Vinereanu, Alexandru Stănculescu, Aneta Munteanu, Andreea Cristiana Didilescu Abstract published in the book of abstracts

  1. Assessment of oral health status in a pediatric population with intellectual dis…

O2. oral presentation, UNAS Congress 2021 Authors: Asist. Dr. Cătălina Farcașiu, Conf. Dr. Mihaela Tănase, Șef lucr. Dr. Titus-Alexandru Farcașiu, Şef lucr. Dr. Aneta Munteanu, Asist. Dr. Ioana-Andreea Stanciu Abstract published in book of abstracts, pages 51-52